An Invitation to Our Annual Meeting - Held in a predetermined location, the Overture Annual Forum brings leaders from the NGO, technology, and other sectors together to discuss global challenges, share knowledge, and discuss and agree upon key priorities/goals for the year.  The second portion of the summit includes the development of an actionable plan to achieve agreed-upon goals, with key stakeholders identified. As a member, key representatives from your organization will be invited to attend and participate in this critical and influential summit.

Relationship Management - Each of our members will be assigned a senior, dedicated account representative, who is dedicated to ensuring that your organization is successfully integrated into our Overture community.  This includes, but is not limited to, connecting you with key members and partners, working closely with you to understand the top priorities of your organization, and helping to develop programs and press that showcase those priorities and progress to our community.

Year-Round Commitment & Engagement - In addition to our Annual Forum, Membership provides you with priority access to our year-round monthly events, which are designed to ensure our members, partners and invited speakers have the opportunity to network, share knowledge, and collaborate on new and continuing initiatives.  Our members are also invited to share points of view on relevant topics via white-papers or other content forms, which can be shared with the Overture audience via our email database, social media, and on our website as appropriate, further cementing our members’ positions as thought-leaders and innovators. In certain cases, where appropriate, our Member’s logos, overviews and bios of senior executives and thought-leaders can be featured in our event collateral. Members can work directly with their account representative to customize their year-round experience based on their specific areas of interest and expertise.

Media Support - At the Annual Meeting, members of the media/press will be invited to report on the accomplishments of Overture and its members. Commitment announcements, key initiatives, and progress reports be afforded a global stage. In addition, Press Releases, the Overture website, social media properties, and various email newsletters will feature the latest news about our members and their key initiatives and commitments, year-round.


Participation is by invitation. Our members are selected based on their leadership and innovation in their respective industries, and their commitment to effecting positive change. If your organization has not received an invitation, but would like to be considered, please request our membership application form.  Or, apply for an invitation in the upper right hand corner of our site. Membership fees do apply.  Please contact info@overtureglobal.io for more information and details.


Our membership fees vary based on the specific programs developed specifically for each of our members, the size of the organization, their goals and objectives, areas of expertise, and level of involvement in our initiatives (i.e. exclusive sponsor of events) 

Membership expires 12 months from the first day of the month in which the membership is processed.


Membership fees are not tax-deductible at this moment.


Although most organizations pay a membership fee to join, Overture does offer a limited number of complimentary memberships. Typically these are reserved for NGOs, nonprofits, and social entrepreneurs who may not be able to afford membership but represent an important group or key issue, and offer a valuable perspective within our community.

Please contact info@overtureglobal.io for more information and details.