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The annual Forum and ongoing community events are Overture’s tools: to deliver unparalleled opportunities for collaboration. With a strong focus on technology and innovation related to the humanitarian issues plaguing the world, this community of influencers is able to tackle issues such as global health, sustainability, transportation, data management, food security, violence, displacement, and beyond. Improving the world is possible if technology and business collaborate with humanitarian organizations, and these events are where the magic happens.

It’s 2018. There have been apps developed for finding a date, a taxi, and a song name... If this level of dedication to innovation were to be placed on humanitarian aid, there would be infinite possibilities for improving our world.
— Donnovan Andrews, CEO & Founder

annual Global forum

The annual Forum gathers once a year (to come Q3 2018!) to meet at the intersection of media, technology, and humanitarian aid. These isolated fields are run by leaders with strict agendas and budgets, creating a lack of meaningful conversation about ideas, needs, and solutions. Overture sees a significant opportunity for the private sector to join forces with NGOs, thereby creating a definitive alignment based on social values, assets, and workforce resources.

Once a year, all of those floating ideas and intentions meet in one place with the sole purpose of uniting people to enact change. Our goal at the Forum is to drive action, support partnerships, and work with our community of members toward the greater good.


Digital humanitarian™ Series

The demand for digital humanitarians has never been greater. President Barack Obama clearly articulated in his keynote at SXSW 2016 that there is a need for technology focused on social good. This means anything from voting processes, food and water security, shelter, and more. In 2014 alone, more than 50 million people worldwide were forced from their homes due to conflict and natural disasters -- numbers that are predicted to increase this year.

By hosting monthly events in New York and quarterly events in London, Overture will gather the global community in assembling, creating an agenda, and activating strategies for social change.

  • New York: monthly events(Details to come)

  • London: quarterly events (details to come)



Overture and The Nature Conservancy will kick-off their partnership with a full-day event to address our world’s most pressing water and ocean challenges.  Among other topics, the organizations will work to find actionable solutions for:

  • Green Infrastructure
  • Water Security
  • Healthy Oceans

The event will bring together leaders from corporations, nonprofits and academic institutions to move towards collaborative solutions.

September, 2018 (Details to come)



STEM + HD is bringing together women leaders and innovators for one-day conference dedicated to using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) as a platform to accelerate human development.

OCtober, 2018 (Details to come)


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